Thursday, January 25, 2018


This week I bought pink-scented toilet paper, because they sell that sort of thing at the grocery store in Tokyo.

I saw over a dozen dogs dressed and bundled up for winter in strollers and overcoats.

Hung up all our laundry outside, only to get rained on later that day . . . Washed it again and hung it all around the apartment and still there three days later.

I jogged around and watched over 100 Japanese people (mostly elderly) doing their Radio Taiso: Japan’s Morning Exercise Ritual at 6:30am in the freezing morning. Maybe that’s why asians never age?

I never waited more that a couple minutes for a train, they are never late and so frequent you don’t even have to check train-times.

The salad I ordered came out with a RAW egg on top and later the trail mix I bought ended having dried-out baby fish in the mix (eek.... NOT swedish fish)

My grocery shopping trips always include a half mile walk each way, Luke strapped to the front and a diaper backpack on back and carrying as many groceries as physically possible up my arms while attempting to text or listen to an audiobook without having my headphones ripped-out from my ears by Luke.

On our way to dinner Friday night,  we saw the uniformed school kids headed home for the school day, at 5:30PM.

I got a lemon-honey drink that was HOT out of a vending machine. They have vending machines almost every corner. So handy, except drinking fountains and trash cans are impossible to find.  

Just a typical week.

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