Thursday, May 10, 2018


Our apartment in Japan is 365 square feet. We have one bedroom and a little living-kitchen area. We have a total of 2 small closets in our entire home. Things are cozy here.

 I think one of the most valuable things I'm learning living in Japan so far, is how to adapt and thrive in small spaces. Most Japanese homes are small, especially compared to western standards. But it doesn't necessarily mean cramped and unpractical, but the opposite.

 Being in Japan is teaching me to become a minimalist-- I don't like holding on to things I don't need or use often. I'm learning that less is actually more, and simplicity is bliss. It isn't so much about the quantity of clothes for options, but the quality. 

My house is quick to clean and located on the most perfect street. I honestly love it here. I still would love another closet, because Riley's Nike collection is getting larger and larger and pulling out the ironing board on Sundays is kinda like playing Jenga at times. . . but I love our home and area. 

Luke's bed is literally right next to ours, but by morning time you can usually find him right in the middle sprawled out sleeping between us or chatting in our ears. 

full house, full bed, and full hearts. 

One of my favorite Ted Talks lately on minimalism:

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