Thursday, December 13, 2018

Favorite Things

List of my favorite things lately that are bringing sunshine on these cold December days.

1. John Legend's Christmas Album is legendary! Seriously, we have been dancing to it and it's on repeat all day long. Also, Frank Sinatra's Christmas is equally great and remind me of my Dad :) CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

2.  I opened an ETSY SHOP this past month and have over 100 sales!! It called Simply Lysie! It seriously makes me so happy that people are loving my work and saying so many nice words. Here are a few of my Christmas Nativities! 

Also, just finished this one and love how it turned out up close! 

3. The NIKE APP has launched in Japan! It's been three days and done SO GOOD. I also get my husband BACK SOON! YAY! He seriously has been doing 15-17 hour days and working Saturdays too.  I'm excited to see more of him and so excited it's been SO successful so far! GO RILEY! <3 
Visiting Dad at work in the "War Room"

"Top" Shopping App in Japan- Day 2 after the launch! 

4. Jogging Stroller!!! Our friends are going to be gone most the month and brought me their jogging stroller to borrow and HOLY COW it's like a BMW, so smooth and SO FUN to run with Luke. We are converted. I have been pulling out our normal stroller to use on our normal errands and Luke has been requesting his new lift, very persistently. It cracks me up he has an opinion. 

5. THIS clip on youtube!!  #PARENTGOALS 

6. MY SISTER NICOLE VISITS TOMORROW!! We are seriously excited to play tour guides and go on lots of good adventures with her this next week. We have 2 YEARS to catch-up on! 

7. Gingerbread Playdough! We have been having fun this past few days with this gingerbread playdough. SO FUN. Riley might of ate some on accident. . . 

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