Thursday, December 20, 2018

Nicole's Trip to Tokyo!

This past week Riley's little sister Nicole came to visit and it's been seriously THE BEST. We have had so much fun showing her all the best places in Tokyo and eating good japanese food and just catching up on the last few years! 

Here is a preview of our week and itinerary 

Friday Night-  
- Arrival at airport, train ride home and lots of good chatting! 

- Shibuya Scramble and Shabu Shabu 
- Purikura Photos
- Asakusa Temple
- Sushi Dinner
- Onsen!

-Walk to Park & Church
-City View with Riley at World Trade Center Building
- 'Miracle of 34th' Street Movie

-Ramen and Shopping 
-Nezu Shrine and Tori Gates
-Nike Office Tour and Thai Dinner
-Day exploring Kamakura (lots of temples, bamboo forest, big buddha)
-Odiba in the Evening- City lights, rainbow bridge, gundam statue thing, statue of liberty, coolest mall ever.
-Harajuku Vibes- Yoyogi Park, Meiji Shrine, Takeshita Street, Monster Cafe, more parikura photos and almost a hedgehog cafe. . . haha.
- Young Women's Gingerbread House activity & eating WAY too much candy.
- Fish Market and Mochi Strawberries
- Tokyo Tower 
- Lunch with Riley 

It was such a great week and was so sad to say goodbye! Thanks for visiting us Nicole. WE LOVE YOU! 

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