Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Japan Photos.

It's been a few weeks since I blogged. It's raining today a going through some old photos and uploading some new ones on my hard drive and thought I would share a few japan shots because one day these scenes won't be familiar and very missed. 
fruit and veggie shops.
 My friend told me this week that they throw out so much produce here when they are not all uniform in size and shape. She is friends with a local farmer and brought to church an entire box of perfectly good carrots that were either too big or small or odd in some way to sell here.
Oranges. Tis the season of Mikans. 
These stripped flowers taken yesterday! So many heart eyes! Does this mean spring is almost here?! 
Luke, and I love this thrift store hat we got for only 200 yen.
little flower pots everywhere are my favorite, and flower shops.
The playground we found last week. Riley told me it looks like a cage for kids. 
land of vending machines.
This cute little temple is a 20-ish minute walk from our house, taken this summer and love little Luke in it.
All the temples have these little place to cleanse your hands or mouth at entrance of temple.  
This one has a pretty dragon, and riley always says "Don't mind if I do, mushu!" and cracks me up.
 random stores.
brooklyn and homemade fries. yes please.
"delicious dim sum and happy drinks"
always bowing.
hats and umbrellas and long sleeves = warm sunny days.

more plants.

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