Monday, April 29, 2019

Amsterdam Dreamin'

Our second location on our trip was Amsterdam! It is like walking in a post card ALL THE TIME! We were especially excited to see the Netherlands and interested in checking out the Nike campus and the English Ward for church. We always talk about the potential of moving there after Tokyo, so it was good to see this city we've thought so much about.  It did not disappoint. So pretty!  I don't think I will ever forget walking out of the train station with Riley into the city and both of our jaws dropped and just in Awe at the city and surroundings. 

My favorites were the early mornings, we would wake early and walk around and enjoy the views and I would photograph the canals and streets. There weren’t people out and everything was quiet and peaceful. We loved all the red brick, ivy, and endless bridges. Tulips were in bloom too and on the trains we would see fields full of colorful rows of flowers in bloom. 

There was so much diversity in the city— so many different languages we didn’t recognize and bikes everywhere and lots of smoking which we didn't enjoy. We loved the stroop-waffles and cute shops and cafes. We also loved the history and especially enjoyed the Anne Frank House there.

Riley spent one day on the Nike campus and met with some people and I took a photo class and explored more which was really fun. We also went to church there, it was so far away from the city but was great train ride and right next to the Netherlands temple which we were able to walk the grounds and admire.

The boat ride through the canals was one of the highlights of the entire trip. We were able to float around these channels on an open boat and go under so many bridges and hear some fun stories of the city. 

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