Saturday, April 6, 2019

Luke Lately

It is UNREAL that Luke turns 2 years old in less than a month now! He is so dang fun and just adds so much to our family. Here is a few of my favorite things about Luke Lately:

1) He asks me EVERYDAY to go to "Church." He LOVES nursery and his leaders told me this week how good he is there and how he loves singing time.

2) Piggybacking off number one, Luke says "Viv and baby" every single day! They are some kids in our ward that we have played with lately and Luke has a crush on Vivien Budge. It's pretty cute. He is going to stay with them when we go to Europe and so grateful for them and the whole Budge family! 

3) Luke's favorite toy is his "Lightning McQueen" car which he calls "KEEN!" It goes most places with us! 

4) Luke also LOVES his new cars and "bankie" that Grandma Stevenson made and sent this month. The pattern is covered with streets, cars, buses, and trees. He is a big fan, and quickly becoming a bedtime essential.

5) Luke is the biggest dishwasher helper! He pulls up a chair and request to do dishes multiple times a day. Needless to say, we never have dirty dishes left in the sink.

6) Wrestling with dad and surfing or "urf" as Luke calls it, on dad's stomach is still his favorite thing. It is always a highlight each day to witness and hear the gut laugher coming from the boys in the bedroom.

7) A few of Luke's favorite foods: strawberries, granola, raisins, and animal crackers.

8) After almost 2 years, Luke now goes to bed on HIS OWN without getting out a bazillion times! Just requires his "ba-ba (drink of milk), blankie, panda, and the door slightly open.

9) He said his first Japanese word a few weeks ago: "Dozo" meaning- "Go ahead."

10) Luke might have some OCD tendencies . . . see some pictures below! 

Meet Vivien!

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