Sunday, March 29, 2020

Chronicles of Clay- 2 Months

TWO MONTHS! You go from 0 to 100 so fast, you just turn the switch on/off so well and just HATE being ignored and prefer being rocked to sleep by your dad. You started smiling a ton this month and even have chucked a few times. You will just sit in your chair watching your brother dance around and parents looking like goofs trying to get another smile out of you.

I’m convinced you are short on vitamin D, and there is no question about your gassy ways... you farted way loud during dad's work conference call while he was talking ha! We started you on some vitamin D and probiotics and hoping you will a little less of a drama king soon.

We still aren’t sure what color your eyes will be, right now they are dark grey blue but we wonder if they will fade dark brown like your brothers... any guesses?

Nicknames: Claydog (Luke’s nickname, but before you were born you were “ball face”) Clayman, Clay Bae, Claydough, Squirts, and the Ripper.

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