Sunday, March 15, 2020

Favorite Movie List

fan art
 Jojo Rabbit 'Fan Art'
I have so much to journal and catch up on. Life has been interesting lately! My biggest excuse though is my laptop is on it's last leg and so ancient that it's been PAINFULLY slow to do anything on it and crashed and was in repair and now too scared to load pictures or do much these days. But a new laptop is on the horizon

With the Corona Virus at large, and being homebound I thought I would post our favorite movie list. We made it a few months ago together and been adding to it. Riley narrowed down a 'Top Ten" but I was too indecisive ha.... but here is the current "Stevenson Family Favorites" that we plan to add too and keep for future reference. Hope someone can enjoy during this period of quarantine. . . 

Also, 'a fun family fact' that is a little funny to admit, but also want to remember. . . We have never owned a TV yet in our marriage! Just watch everything snuggled up to this little old 13 inch laptop on mini Japanese couch or bed. One day we will graduate to a big screen. Anywayz, on to the list:

Stevenson Family Favorites
(no particular order, * made Riley's top ten)
- La La Land *
- Toy Story (All of them) *
- Finding Nemo
- Cars (Luke's current fav)
- Remember the Titans *
- Forrest Gump *
- About Time * 
- 13 Hours *

- Brave Heart
- The Patriot 
- American Sniper
- Saving Private Ryan
- Good Bye Christopher Robin
- Saving Mr. Banks
- The Intern 
- Gettysburg
- Hook *
- Dead Poets Society *
- Hidden Figures 
- The Natural
- Moneyball
- Age of Adaline 
- The Secret Life of Walter Mitty *

- Free Solo
- The Rookie
- Dan in Real Life
- Captain Fantastic
- Pearl Harbor
- Sherlock Holmes
- Silver Linings Playbook
- Les Miserables
- We Bought a Zoo (my fav!)
- The Greatest Showman
- Cinderella 
- Meru 
- The Dawn Wall
- The First Man
- The Green Book
- 500 Days of summer
- Goodwill Hunting

- A Star is Born
- Jojo Rabbit *
- Gifted (one of my tops!)
- Inside out
- I am Sam 
- Radio
-The Sandlot
- The Fundamentals of Caring

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