Friday, January 1, 2021

Andrus Family!

Flying back to Japan was hard after our great long America trip! The only reason it was a little exciting was because the Andrus Family moved back! We met them four years ago when we moved to Japan and they moved and went to grad school and now are back. Lots of great times already, we started a weekly wednesday pizza night and switching off date nights and its so great to have them here! We love this family. Also fun facts-
 -Natalie Kirton and Nichole Andrus served in the Tokyo mission together. 
-Parker Andrus was a MTC teacher at the time and they met.
- Natalie introduced Nichole and Parker! 
- The Andrus family and Hartley family became really good friends in California and Ellie decided she was marrying Grey
- Now being back in Japan, Ellie is now going to marry Luke :)

they are the BEST!

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