Friday, January 29, 2021

Date Night

Jan 30, 2021:
We took a date, in Japan! I can count the number of dates we have taken in Japan on one hand in the 4+ years we have lived here. Our friends watched all the kids and was so fun to get out for a couple hours and eat ramen and take pictures without kids clinging to my arms. We went to "Kamata" and it had all the japan feels to it. I love the backstreets and little shops. I didn't get any pictures of us together but got plenty of our surroundings. We talked about how much we would miss Japan and love it here. Riley has been applying and interviewing for new positions lately (eek!). It is so exciting to think about our new place and next adventure, but also just makes you realize how good it is right here and now. 

The cute karaage shop, 2 minute walk from Andrus's home
 Loved the umbrella holder on this bike


happy road

our ramen, which hit the spot! 

these people inside, oh i will miss japan. 

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