Thursday, June 3, 2021

Japan Gems! (May-June 2021)

Just going through photos and closing up the journal on Japan memories. These photos are from May & June 2021 during our finals weeks in Japan. We left at the perfect time, right before the hot humid unbearable part of the sticky summer starts. These photos make me smile, all good memories mostly of the boys who will never remember Japan but they were such happy simple good times. 

Them giving me flowers was totally unposed. Sweetest flower pickers on the daily. 

I read somewhere that flower watching is a sport in Japan, which is true. It was hydrangea season when we left and did take too many photos of the flowers this year. But love this season. 

small close together homes

date night with Riley in Shibuya 

blueberry gang

our back window view, not much but wanna remember 

Clay always finding a place on a lap

really thrilled about this idea

playing with Andrus Family

Sushi everyday

not edible paint

A funny memory of my boys playing in the puddle and it being a spectacle for other kids :) 

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