Sunday, June 6, 2021

Moving from Japan- Final Days

Luke packing all the essentials 

Julene send me this photo below during this time and our final week in apartment. The photo is from their final week and closing the door to apartment in NYC, she is holding baby Riley. She said it was SO sad, but soon replaced by the excitement of new h0me and experiences in Georgia. It made my day, and felt relatable and is so true! It was so sad to leave, but replaced with new memories and new home. 

We just gave everything away, except for a couple suitcases per person and a christmas tree. This picture is outside our house circled all our stuff for someone to pickup. 
Nike put us up in a hotel the final week of Japan. It was really nice, with two rooms and giant king beds. We had all our moving done pretty much and out of the house, so there was little stress these final days and just eating out every meal and enjoying Japan.  Great send off. We love Japan! 

Robot Cafe! 

Riley would always joke how all he needed was a church basketball court here, and as soon as he gets the new job, the annex opens with a church basketball court, literally right before we leave 

Sushi everyday

Anna Griffin, one of my best friends here and mentor. Served in YW presidency together for years. 


Cheers to days gone by, the unknown was pretty real here. I remember exchanging looks with Riley a few time. It was pretty thick with uncertainty and a few comments this week about "Why are we leaving Japan?!"

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