Thursday, July 7, 2022

Luke Lately!

 Dear Luke, 

You are at school right now. I just dropped you off for another day! On the bike rides to school we say affirmations together: "I am Brave. I am smart. I can speak dutch. I am a good friend... etc." I hope you never forgot and continue to grow in confidence. I miss you at school and love having you around. We are looking forward to summer break, school doesn't get out until mid/late july. It's been neat lately though having you translate dutch for us and watching you become more, and more independent. You are such a great big brother and appreciate all your help, and just admire your goodness and patience.  You are so excited for the new baby, and just love feeling the kicks and seeing the size of the baby. I love it! Just thinking about you and wanted to write a note and brag about some of your recent accomplishments and post some pictures that make me smile. 

I love you


school photos, we decided not to order these but got a good chuckle at them :) 

"Look I am mom" series continues... 

Bus ride to Primary Temple activity 

Bus ride to fieldtrip

Went to an amusement park field-trip, picture with some classmates and teacher

Jumped into the canal 
Mr. Wessel Van Onoostveen (first "kindergarten" teacher)

You and BFF Kevin Dalton
primary father's day song 

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  1. Hahah Luke…. Love how I can tell he has a quirky personality through these pictures.