Saturday, July 16, 2022

Baby Shower!

 So much has happened since I blogged last. . .  I hate being behind because it is overwhelming where to even start. Lucy was born almost two months ago and currently just figuring out life with three littles at home. 

I think sometimes in motherhood you can feel alone, or maybe it is just me, but there has been a lot of moments lately when I just feel pulled in all directions physically and emotionally need direction with different issues. I was reminded this week though as I held Lucy, of her baby showers. . . and how much love and support I have! 

I have such a great network of friends and family and thought I would share how spoiled I was this baby!! I just felt so much love and support, even living so far away welcoming Lucy! My sister Kaylee organized a "virtual" baby shower of sorts... she reached out to family and friends and asked them to record a little video sharing motherhood advice and put it together a video of them and got it on my birthday. It was SO GOOD and so thoughtful. Makes me cry even now thinking of it.  The messages were so on point and needed, I can't tell you how times my families voices go through my head in situations as I navigate motherhood since watching and they totally been there for me even living so far away. I can't thank Kaylee enough, and all those that participated! Also, so many sent venmos too which blew me away and just was so handy because we didn't keep any of our baby stuff and also had a GIRL which was so unexpected and fun to buy for a girl, and dangerous! Girl clothes are so much cuter!  

I also had a best friend here I met this year that organized a baby shower brunch for me in Amsterdam and got spoiled there, I really have such a great support system and grateful for ward friends that are in similar situations and been like family here, taking our kids during birth and bringing meals and always there to call on. SO so much love and just wanted to share because Satan works hard to make me feel isolated in motherhood things, and I'm not at all. 

Here is the video I want to keep as a keepsake forever, lots of great advice, even learned how to tie shoes without them coming untied! Brilliant.

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