Thursday, December 8, 2022

Chronicles of Clay- almost 3!

Oh Clay! We love you! My curly hair, rosey cheek, brown eyed boy. You turn 3 in just over one month from now, you really wish you were turning 5 and can hardly wait to be 5 years old just like Luke. You are all about growing up and ready to go to school and swim lessons, and do all the things! We recently started doing a 'music makers' weekly playgroup and I call that school and you love going and doing your 'school'. 

You are all potty trained and just growing up so fast! We wish we could just pause time and capture all these tender thing you do and say each day. You can be so sweet, especially to Dad always telling him "I like having you home Dad" "I miss you dad! (after he's been away or just upstairs working). Just really great and expressing love and making others feel special when you want too. It is one of our favorite things about you, you are such a good little buddy and friend. You are really into fashion, which is funny and not like Luke at all. You are always complimenting other's shirts and having an opinion about what you want to wear each day and not wear.  

You also keep me up at night and a big source of stress and anxiety for me. The past year/forever, you have really struggled with your health. You have an on-going cough and just throw up mucus and just have a hard time a lot. It is really hard because we haven't been able to get you any relief or help and the Dutch health system has been discouraging/frustrating. I talked to a pediatrician in the states who thought it sounded like allergy induced asthma maybe, so hopefully will be able to get some help here soon so you wont struggle so much and be sick so often. You are really a champ and we both think you have a very high pain tolerance and such a trooper. We love you Clay and so glad you are in our home.

Some photos from warmer days over the past few months I love of you: 

we got some handy-me downs from Lucy... this nice floral one fit you :) 

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