Monday, December 12, 2022

Nicole Comes to Visit!

December 5th- December 11th: We were so excited to have Nicole visit!! It had been a while since we had seen her so we're so happy when she was able to make a trip workout during her winter break from school. Cobb is the best and we had such a fun time. 
I was able to play hooky from work for a day and had a fun time walking around Amsterdam chatting catching up on life. After a couple days we were off to Belgium! 

I've gone to Bruges so many times with our visitors I can confidently give my own walking tour of the city. The thing about Bruges is that its so pretty that even if you feel like you've been there a bunch each time is amazing and you appreciate this little gem that much more. Each visitor provides their own spark making it unique and fun to each time. Cobb and I had a blast enjoying the beauty of the town,  munching on Bicky's Frite's (multiple times) and of course, John's waffles. 

After our night in Bruges we made our way down to Ghent. Its always tough visiting another place after charming Bruges, but Ghent definitely held its own and delivered. Cobb and I both loved the Christmas market here and was definitely the favourite of the trip. 

A new favorite spot thanks to my parents, Le Pain Quotidien.
 Such a fun, cute Christmas Market that was the perfect size and had lots of yummy food. 

We ate a lot of delicious food but these by far were THE BEST macaroons ever. SO GOOD. Biggest regret of the trip was not grabbing a dozen more to take home. Also, side note, this trip thanks to Cobb I learned that macarons are not hard and crunchy but soft, which definitely restored my liking of macarons. 
Sights of a nice evening walk around Ghent. Not pictured is the Netherlands-Argentina World Cup match we watched in the Marriott Hotel lobby. There were probably 50 people watching, mostly a pro-Dutch crowd, and made for a super fun environment to show-off what football is like in Europe. The match was incredible with the Dutch scoring the equalising goal literally on the last play of regulation. Unfortunately they would lose in penalty kicks but was an awesome match to watch. 

Ended our trip with a stop over in Brussels which gave us ample amounts of free sample delicious chocolate which helped warmed the soul and freezing toes (it was very very cold). 

Back in Amsterdam enjoying the slightly warmer weather, ginger bread houses and time with Aunt Nicole for the boys. 

The church we went to expecting to see Nativities inside but was instead very empty inside. Still had a great time. 

Not pictured in the Amsterdam trip was our Christmas lights boat ride through the city that I took an obligatory brownie from a fellow boat-rider and then had a very trippy walk home. Another story for another time...
We LOVED having Nicole visit and had so much fun. We love you!

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