Sunday, January 14, 2024

Brela, Croatia

Oct 25, 2023: Sometimes you just get totally lucky and stumble across a gem of a place with zero pre-conceived notions or expectations. This was Brela. Our last stop of the trip, we just picked it to stay cuz it was in the direction of the airport past Split. We knew it was close to the beach but we were charmed by this little beach town on the Dalmatian coast. We pulled in with just enough daylight for one last quick dip into the ocean. The little town sits nestled between the sea and the mountains and had such a nice local feel. We walked down to the beach and there were local kids playing football in the plaza and lots of families and older couples just strolling along. It was a perfect scene for us to end the trip on with an amazing sunset and one last hoorah in the water. 

The Dalmatian coast lit up. 

Sunrise on the way to the airport. The day before i happened to open up the 'ready to fly' email from the airline and noticed our flight was at 9am instead of 2pm, like we thought. We were still about 2.5 hours away from the airport and had planned to take our time driving the rest of the Dalmatian coast along our way to the airport. Thankfully we realised our flight time before it was it was too late, but it did mean a very early wake up and a long drive in the dark until we got some amazing sunrise views. It was the perfect unexpected end to an amazing trip. Thanks Croatia :) 

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