Friday, September 11, 2015

Nueva YorK!

 New York has a special place in my heart forever.
I got called on an LDS mission to the city!
I would of never considered myself a city girl, but this place has a way to steal your heart and soul.
Also, my hubby Riley was born in New York!

Interesting fact about us:
He wanted to marry an Idaho girl and told his family this detail after his mission. . . 
soon after on his first day back to Hawaii for school, we met and he found out I was from Idaho and took interest and wanted to know which part. We talked, I dont remember anything significant (or the conversation for that matter) but he does: I was from Idaho. A few weeks later, we met again on a hike to Chinamas Hat... he mentioned he was born in New York. After this comment, I took interest and turned my head back and wanted to know everything about him. We feel in love. New York was the first detail that grabbed my attention and glad we both have this beloved city in our hearts.

Today is September 11th
To remember the past events, we started watching United 93
 together yesterday and will finish it tonight.
Riley mentioned today though, he wasn't sure he wanted to finish because he read a story online about United 93 that was pretty heavy. He shared it with me, its a tear jerker.
The terrorist events are dark and devastating, the lives and legacy of many Americans gone are significant and worth remembering and paying tribute too.

Story of Jack & Lauren
Written By Frank Somerville KTVU:

The man on the left is Jack Grandcolas.
Next to him is his wife Lauren.
14 years ago she was on Flight 93.
She was pregnant at the time.
It would have been their first child.
She was not supposed to be on the flight.
But there were seats available and it meant that she would get home earlier to the Bay Area.
So she switched her ticket to Flight 93.
I interviewed Jack about a year after his wife died.
And that interview affected me more than any other story I’ve ever covered.
Especially because of what he let me listen to right as I was leaving. 
I’ve watched two executions at San Quentin.
They really didn’t faze me.
But talking to Jack.
That got to me.
His wife Lauren called him after the plane had been hijacked.
He was asleep upstairs and didn’t hear the phone call.
During the interview I asked him what she said.
But I didn’t ask him if I could hear it.
That just seemed too personal to me.
But as I was leaving, he stopped me and said:
“Frank would you like to hear her message?”
I was so incredibly touched.
We went into his kitchen and he turned on the answering machine and played it. 
I found it remarkable how calm she was.
Honestly it sounded like she could have been calling from the grocery store.
There was no panic in her voice at all. 
Here’s what she said:
“Honey, are you there?
Jack, pick up sweetie.
Okay, well I just wanted to tell you I love you.
We’re having a little problem on the plane.”
“I’m totally fine, I just love you more than anything, just know that.
And you know, I’m, you know, I’m comfortable and I’m okay... for now.
Just a little problem.
So I just love you, please tell my family I love them too.
Bye, honey.”
Jack says that he could tell that she wanted to say:
“I’ll call you back later.”
But she couldn’t.
Because she knew she wasn't going to see him again. 
After hearing her message I just completely broke down.
I was literally sobbing in my car all the way home.
Then after I got home and started to tell my wife about the interview, I broke down again.
I even broke down when I was logging the interview.
It’s the one and only time in my 35 years as a reporter and anchor where I literally couldn’t control my emotions.
I just felt so bad for Jack. 
That's my September 11th story.
I can remember it like it was yesterday.
It's a day I will never forget. 
Pictures Taken By: E + E Photography
They did my wedding pics and we love them && they sure captured New York beautifully! 


  1. Love NY fotos and great story shared. New York New York! Glad it's important to both of you. <3