Thursday, September 24, 2015

weekend wonderful

This past weekend came and went so fast. We both agree it seemed longer than the typical weekend, but no where near long enough...

We flew from Hawaii to the lovely Draper, Utah to celebrate Natalie and Teej getting hitched! We also made it a trip to visit my Grandma Chadderdon before she leaves on her mission to the Philippines in a couple weeks. My family drove from Idaho and we all had a good weekend seeing the people we love so much.

Lots of highlights this weekend, we starting making a top-ten list on the plane but it turned into a top 18 list and isn't really an any particular order or ranked...Just a list of great moments and highlights of our short Utah getaway.

#1 Natalie & Teej got sealed in the Draper Temple!
#2 Got to see my Grandma before she leaves and my family coming from Idaho too!
#3 Ping pong tournaments for the boys at Van Slootens
#4 Breakfast at Peggy Anne's with Chadderdons
#5 Kneaders lunch with Garners
#6 Family lunches Sunday and visiting with family and cute kids
#7 Hooked up with Costco goods!!
#8 Golfing and Riley almost getting killed on golf carts....
#9 Chats at Aunt Marys ❤️
#10 Plane rides with fam!
#11 Denny's GRaND SLAMS with Stevensons
#12 Seeing Natalie's new apartment and football in the street
#13 visiting grandmas home and jumping on indoor tramp and seeing the views from mtn top
#14 Football Party in theater room
#15 "Presidential car openings" game with the Twins
#16 Quin slaloming with the cars
#17 Golf tournaments on airplane
#18 Riley's night terror....

I love my mom so much!! SO good to see them for the weekend.

I love grandmas house! 

Riley & His Trainer on Mission: Jace Peterson

Bahahahah the twins in the back.

Sisters :) 

Cute Couple Awards right here... 

Red Eye Flight

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