Monday, December 7, 2015

Be Inspired in Less than 10 Minutes

One of my favorite messages of ALL TIME is given by: 

Friedrich Enzio Busche 

It is simply some of the very best advice and wisdom in life. Every time I listen to these words I feel more inspired and have a renewed desire to be better and live more like our Savior. 
Trust me, I have watched it time and time again over the past 5+ years.

Ready to feel inspired?! Watch this video and let the Spirit do it's magic. 


This is made from a BYU Devotional, given on May 14 1996. 
The speech was entitled "Unleashing the Dormant Spirit" and can be found at
It is seriously fantastic and largely unknown, plus his accent is great.
I pinky promise you will feel better after watching and more inspired.   

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  1. A good friend recommended Unleashing the Dormant Spirit to me a number of years ago! I don't remember it, so I'll have to listen to it/read it again! Thanks for sharing. What a good blogger you are being!