Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Facial Matters

Remember, Remember those days of Movember. 
Riley has been growing a mustache since the beginning of this November and now into December.
Its a pretty big deal in our lives.
Its graduated from the "mexi-stash" stage and is visible now and even slightly bushy and has potential to curl.
Except, for one part... right in the middle it doesn't grow hair
(right where people have that dip above the upper lip, yah his is hairless...this is also where he sweats and it puddles).

He named it "Guiseppe."
Yes, that is the mustache's name.

Latley, when we kiss... Riley will ask:
"Do you like kissing Guiseppe?"
and I'm like: "no, i like kissing you."

The first time "Guiseppe" showed [on] his face was right before we got married.
 Like literally right before.
Riley drove from California two days before the wedding
 and just in time for our "Bridal" pictures with a half-hour to spare before pictures.
Riley asked if I liked the mustache and told me the given name...
Then he proceeded to tease my mom 
and tell her he was keeping it for the wedding and pictures.

It was funny.
I love him.
Riley, not Guiseppe.
He shaved it. 

(I made this video of him fixing 
his stash when he was recoding for something else...)

But now Guiseppe is back and better 
and staying through the Christmas break,
 just in time for the "Stevenson Family Pictures."
It really wouldn't fly on my side.

I might just shave it off in his sleep for these pictures though....
Ba ha ha ha. 
I wouldn't. 

On another facial note...
Riley has serious "Beard Envy."
Yes, it is a real condition.
Every time we pass a thick, full bushy beard... Riley will pause and admire.
Then he will turn to me and say:
"I would pay $500 bucks to grow that beard right now."
(The amount of $$ changes depending on beard status, but can get in the thousands).
He can only grow a patchy beard that is sparse and pretty terrible....
Maybe one day.

This week he told me of a conversation in a class. 
Everyone was to name which "super-power" they would have.
He told the class "flying."
But said to me he thought about it more...
 and if he could choose his super-power would be to "grow a nice thick beard."

I was shocked....
 Then he replied:
"I would grow a beard while flying."

I love Riley.
Or Mexi-Stash-Riley or Patchy-Beard-Riley. 
He is so funny and handsome.
I personally like Clean-Shavin-Riley, if I got to pick.

I do love these Movember days though,
He plays with his stash subconsciously...
 and it does tickle my face when we are real close. 
Happy Movember! 

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  1. Perfect post! haha I love this. It all made my smile a lot and I'm really glad you're happy. MY kitten keeps attacking the tree. Whatever.r Okay bye!