Sunday, September 2, 2018

Backyard Bliss

Lots of evenings and days we spent playing in the backyard this summer in Idaho. As I watched my son play with his cousins on the same swing-set I played on, and then saw him play ring-around-the-rosey on the same tramp they got on my birthday when I was a little girl I got goosebumps.

I saw my little hands saved in the cement on the patio. I reminisced on the hundreds of memories made just outside the back door of the house (sleepovers on the tramp, pretend photoshoots, outdoor movies, running through sprinklers, "rocket," an epic paint fight with kenz, lacrosse practice, millions of bbqs . . . I could pretty much go on forever) So many simple, perfect memories.

Today, I feel like there is so much emphasis on "traveling and seeing the world". . . but now, living abroad, and looking at these simple moments of us in the backyard I think you don't need to travel very far to create some of the very best memories.

 The favorite game of relocated firepit rocks. . . 

 Catching a little bunny in the backyard, saved by Papa Bubbles from a neighbor's cat 
 This picture was taken on our first day in America. Luke had just walked on the grass for the first time (because there isn't grass in the city) and HATED it. It was so funny!

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