Saturday, September 1, 2018

Moncur Family 2018

 On Caden's wedding day-- after the wedding, after the luncheon, but before the reception we had Makelle take a few family pictures of us! As the family gets larger and more little ones involved the harder it is to take a good picture of everyone let alone get everyone together at the same time. 

My mom said this about this particular family photo and I loved it:

"Sometimes you round up your tribe —beg and bribe (most of them) to give you just five minutes ...on your sons wedding day —for just ONE family photo, because you know this is the ONLY day —you will all be together as a family. Wanting to remember —wanting to preserve us. .
And this mama? Yeah she wanted a family photo of that family who won’t all be together again for at-least two years. A simple picture. Nothing fancy. Not —too difficult, you’d think. .
Later home and after hugs and some goodbyes —all alone, (sick and exhausted) you look at that photo. Zoom to see each and every face clear...and you cry because you know that despite the miles and oceans that separate us that you have them forever. And all is good and all the crazy. (😊)...and all the love and family in between."

Last photo with Aunt Whitney all together before her mission haha!

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