Sunday, September 2, 2018

Boating Summer '18

Boating at Lucky Peak is literally my happy place! It is so good. When I’m traveling from Japan and on the airplane with Luke and just two hours in and don’t think I can handle a single minute more (it seriously feels like torture, but still have HOURS left. . . ) I picture my family on the boat and glassy perfect water and I tell myself it’s worth it, and it always is!! This summer was no exception. My parents got a new boat this season and it’s pretty epic. We were able to go quite a bit, never enough though haha! Luke surfed for the first time with Uncle Caden (because I dont trust myself or anyone else) Super grateful for my parents and these fun memories at Lucky Peak. Feeling especially lucky that I was able to enjoy some boating this summer :) 

 Luke loved the water!

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