Monday, January 7, 2019

2019 Resolutions

Happy New Years! Just because I like this image and this quote:
"Time is the scarcest resource and unless it's managed nothing else can be managed." 
- Peter Drucker

Luke's Resolutions 2019
- Learn all the animals and noises 
- Learn to pray/ fold arms better :)
- Sing all the Nursery songs
- Be a good sharer 
- Faster at falling asleep at night, or better bedtime routine.... ?
- Learn extended family member names
- More home videos with mom
- Send cards and crafts to grandparents (every other month).
- Pottytrain (not sure if realistic or not this year?)

Riley's New Year Resolutions 2019
·      Set a budget followed daily, weekly and monthly
·      Figure out yen to usd transfer, start investing
·      Physical activity 5 times a week, gym at least once a week
·      When possible 5am-9:30pm weekdays
·      Read the scriptures everyday, follow Come Follow Me Plan
·      Study more on the life of Jesus Christ
·      Read more meaningful books/ Read 2 books a month:
o   Leaders
George Washington
- Abraham Lincoln
-  Martin Luther King
o   Business
o   Pleasure
-  Harry Potter
·      Do 1 informational interview a month
·      Find a good way to keep track of spiritual/thoughts from books/informational interview notes
-  Invite someone in the home once a month (outside of the Williams)
- Support Alyssa in aspirations 

Alyssa's Resolutions: 19 for 2019
(seems like a lot, but lots are doing already and want to maintain, or be more mindful)

1. Do something creative every single day (draw, photography, blog, doodlebead scheming).
2. Listen to conference again before April (pick favorite quote from each talk).
3. Share one thing with Riley each night that I learned or found uplifting that day (share during scripture study).
4. Read scriptures everyday, more meaningful prayers (wake up before Luke to read).
5. Prepare for sacrament, before the sacrament ordinance (saturday night before bed, or sunday morning take time and reflect on areas to improve and change heart).
6. Use the new 'come follow me' manual the whole year (personal and companion study?).
7. Take more online classes (at least once a week minimum, wednesdays?).
8. Blog 3x a month and make fun memories with Luke.
9.  Make a baby . . . 
10. Learn more japanese culture and words, actually make an effort. 
11. Earn mullah for camera. . . buy this year before trip?
12. Drink more water daily (use huge bottle and drink twice).
13. Keep up with good exercise routine (be more mindful of stretching and breathing).
14. Better eye contact with people when I talk to them.
15. Keep up with old friends, make new ones (FB message monthly-ish, be friendly and nice to others, text/call on birthdays).
16. Minister (email my sisters a spiritual thought each month).
17. Help Luke with his goals, teach/read together daily.
18. Read/listen to at least 1 book a month.
19. Be a better wife (make lunches for Riley more, not tired at night, plan some dates/activities,. . .)

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