Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Tokyo Sea LIfe Park

Jan. 5th: Today was one of those days that teased you with spring weather in the middle of winter. It was 58 degrees, soo sunny and perfect. Riley had the day off and we went to Tokyo Sea Life Park. It was our first time there and it was so fun, such a neat aquarium. I'm realizing I didn't really get to many pictures of the place and fish. Our favorite part about aquarium was the different tanks set up depicting different areas in the world and what the coral and fish look like in that part of the world which was very neat to see.

Luke loved everything and pointing out all the cool fish. He is seriously at the perfect age for these fun new discoveries. Most these pictures are Riley and Luke playing and throwing him up in the air. Lots of laughs and happiness today.

Also, funny note: Japan is probably one of the only place in the world were they look at these fish tanks and comment how delicious the fish look to EAT! And serve fish on the menu at the place. . .

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