Sunday, September 15, 2019

Good Tokyo Restaurant Weekend!

This past weekend was a BIG win for awesome restaurants in Tokyo. We went to this cute train themed restaurant 'Niagara Curry' that brought dishes out on a train that circled the restaurant and had such a fun environment. Perfect for kids, and food was great. Riley thought it was like a 'disney land' experience with the staff dressed up and ticket process and announcements. It had a little kid toy area to the side that Luke loved as well.

We also found the BEST mexican restaurant in Tokyo. We thought we figured it out and love 'la jolla', but were proven wrong this weekend when we went to 'Fonda de la Madrugada' that made the top of our list. The ambience, food, service, and music really was so so fun. Luke ended up dancing by the table and really hit the spot.

Didn't take to many pictures of mexican place! But was GREAT. 

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