Thursday, September 5, 2019

Luke Lately

Just wanted to take a few minutes and document our sweet two year old boy. He is a firecracker and just brings so much joy to me each day. I keep reminding myself how precious this 'one-on-one time' is together before the baby comes and life gets more hectic. It has made me more mindful and playtime that much more precious. These days are seriously gold though-- every morning he wakes up, looks at the light streaming through the window and yells "It's sunny! Time to get up!" He is such an early riser, always up with the sun and plays hard until sun down.

He gave up naps the month after he turned two, which almost broke my heart because I felt like that was wayyy too early and that was 'my time' but we have adjusted fast and he falls asleep at 6:30-7pm until 6:30-7am so honestly can't complain too much.

Luke still loves his cars and airplanes. He loves playing "I spy" on our walks and has mastered his alphabet this past month. He recognizes all the letters, but has his 'own version' of singing the song and can't seem to get that down yet. He know his colors, numbers to 10, shapes and lots of japanese and 'harry potter spells' that Riley has taught him. Every day I am texting Riley quotes from Luke that crack me up-- he constantly surprises me with the things he picks up on and says. I genuinely love spending my days with Luke and our conversations.

We are currently in the throes of learning right from wrong, gentle from rough, quiet from loud. It can be exhausting for both of us. Discipline and knowing how to teach and parent is intimidating at times and such a learning curve. I'm feeling grateful for the challenge and opportunity to practice patience, unconditional love, and forgiveness (most often, forgiving myself for overreacting or losing my temper).

Some daily rituals include the park, painting, "dance parties," playing "cars" always on our bed, reading, dishes (which always includes lots of bubbles and a car to clean), smoothie making, and puzzles. He loves soccer with dad and wrestling; we recently got him a balance bike "the red bullet" he enjoys. He still loves to cuddle and is a total mama's boy these days and I'm perfectly OK with that.
 Bedhead all day. . . 

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