Sunday, September 15, 2019

It's a BOY!

We had such a fun surprise this weekend finding out the gender!! I had my 20 week appointment on Tuesday, but Riley couldn't make the appointment so we decided to have them write it down and find out together this weekend. We went out to ice cream when we found out we were having a boy with Luke, and decided to keep the tradition going with each kid!

This time, we gave the envelope to the workers at the icecream store and told them to decorate our cone according to the gender and bring it out. . . after some language confusion and then pure excitement from them they took the card and went back and decorated our cone. We totally were expecting it to be a baby girl. . . but then they came out and we found out we were having another little BOY! I didn't expect to tear up with joy! We are so so excited and so so surprised! It was so nice, then they didn't charge us for the icecream at all! We can't wait for Luke to have a lil playmate. Such a 'sweet' surprise, literally :)
Eddy's Icecream in Harajuku 
 As you can tell from my restaurant selection (with pink walls), totally expected a girl haha! 

Luke cracks me up in this one, ready to eat it up! 
 hello baby BOY!
 When we were young and innocent after finding out Luke's gender :) 

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