Sunday, April 26, 2020

Easter Sunday- Clay's Blessing Day

This Easter was extra special!  We blessed Clay in our home and also watched General Conference— the solemn assembly commemorating the 200th anniversary of the first vision.  It was a neat day and the silver lining of having church at home was we were able to have parents and most siblings join via zoom that otherwise would not of been there. Here is excerpts from Clay’s special blessing: 

 Clay Nelson Stevenson
Clay, we bless you that you can understand your divine identity as a son of God that by knowing that divine idenity it can help you find joy in living the gospel and find strength to live the gospel amongst a world that can seem confusing and troubling at times.

We bless you that you can take strength from gospel principles,
take strength and utilize the power of prayer that you can establish a relationship with your Father in Heaven, that you can go to Him with whatever and anything that you need or ask or desire.

We bless you to understand and to feel the love that is around you, the love from your earthy family and heavenly parents. We bless you to establish quality relationships among family and friends that you can draw close to your brother Luke. Learn from his example and be an example yourself to others.

We bless you that you can understand the wisdom in choosing friends and choosing the right friends that will have influence on you to make rightous decisions and we bless you to influence those people around you to make decisions that will that will keep them, and take them back to the gospel path.

We bless you to be a light and to find joy in not only living the gospel, but sharing the gospel as a missionary. That you can find joy in service and sacrifice that you can sacrifice freely and often. We bless you that you may become familiar with and understand and live the blessings of the temple, that a temple marriage and blessings of eternal family and we also bless you that you can take the time to develop a testimony of your own, to decern right from wrong and understand the power of the atonement and the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We bless you to utilize the atonement and to feel the love of your Savior.

Clay you are loved, we bless you with strength both phyically and spiritally to have bright days ahead.

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