Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Luke Lately

One of the people I look up to and admire the most lately is my little Luke. The world has changed around him drastically this year but Luke has stayed consistently happy, always moving forward and never looking back. I’m in awe at his ability to adapt and deal with change so easily. Sometimes I forgot he’s only two, because it’s so fun to hangout with him. We went from going to the park multiple times a day to almost never (these pictures were taken before 7am or at dusk when everyone was gone). I love this boy and of kills me he turns 3 next month. 

  • “Messy food” - he likes “plain” noodles and rice, not mixed with pasta sauce or anything. I have to rinse the curry and separate veggies and sauce on side and can’t be together. I tried to cook a marshmallow on the stove for him to 'try' but he wouldn’t eat it because it was “dirty.”
  • Clean up time- he says he has a “stomach ache” every single time we have to clean or do something he doesn’t want to go. Every time. Who taught him that is my question!
  • Dislikes when anyone messes us his toys or road or anything he’s building and working on (which is near impossible when it takes up our entire floor space).
  • FaceTime- he is really ‘hit or miss’ but for the most part he is a different kid when we put him on to talk to family. 

  • spicy salt (red pepper flakes) request with every meal and have to convince him it’s not good with breakfast foods
  • Indoor picnics
  • Filling up with gasoline, food is his fuel. “The cars need some gasoline... translation: time to eat or drink with the cars”
  • Story time includes only books that have a car or tractor in it. He acts out the cars or airplane with Panda.
  • “Splendor Roads” (see photo below for reference, our favorite game has turned into something else completely).
  • Jenga building and bananagram staking 
  • Picking scabs and nose...
  • All sweets!
  • Wrestling with Dad and "train rides" with Clay on Dad's leg
  • Dance time to THIS SONG (only this song...).
  • Other favorite song though on repeat during day: “Life is a Highway” from Cars.
  • Anything Lightning McQueen always! 

The picture above and below are the two different faces he makes when I say "smile" ... neither his natural smile ha.

 "Mom take a picture of my trick"
 his jenga creations are really impressive, he did this by himself:

spender roads, don't you dare step on it. . . 

we also play a lot of hide and seek, find Luke in the on below :P
getting yoke
we've gotten really good use out of the piano box, Luke even slept in it a few times :)

 First thing in the morning, "THE SUN IS AWAKE!" . . . its not even 7am.... 
Found these last four pictures from last year, and makes me extra miss his long hair.

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