Sunday, June 28, 2020

Luke Lately

Luke is THREE! He officially changed his name to “Luke Garner Three” he also informed me this week his new favorite color is Gold now, gold and red. 

He despises his stroller lately and baths, always wants to be outside and has become a little bossy. We are working on manners a lot and not whining and feeing like I need all the parenting tips as new big emotions are surfacing like fears and frustration when things don't go his way. He’s currently afraid of growing out of our house physically and pillows disappearing under the bed and toys down the bath drain. 

He loves art and his scribbles are transforming slowing into unique designs and objects and people which is fun to see slowly evolve. 

He loves spicy like his mama! We shared a tabasco infused popcorn together this past week and he will eat whole jalapeƱos.  Also, a big fan of ketchup and requested it with his oatmeal this week and I watched him squirt a little on every bite. 

A few favorite things about Luke:
  • His “Life is a Highway Kiss” he pulls ya in a really tight a pulls and big kiss on you
  • His prayers always include “grateful for mom” after every other sentence, averaging 3 times in every prayer
  • When he says "I love you too" randomly unprompted when playing together
  • Still loves to cuddle and such a mama's boy 
  • The way he goes down so easy always at 7pm and sleeps all night, especially with Clay now makes me extra grateful about this and he's such a deep sleeper
  • The way he always plays and includes Clays in everything
  • Cooking together is always way fun, adding sprinkles (seasonings) and telling me how the recipe goes 
  • Japanese prayers with dad, telling me to 'say my prayer in english'
  • When he makes up words and tells me "that’s how you say it in Japanese" 
  • The way he chases kids at the park, always looking for someone to race 
  • The way he squats when he plays, maybe it's totally normal, but seems so asian (see next four photos)   

The hydrangeas are in bloom, and make me so happy. 
I'm sorry Luke for making you pose with them and can’t wait to blackmail you one day :)

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