Saturday, June 6, 2020

Turtle Tales

I spy a baby turtle! Luke found not one, but TWO baby turtles this past month while playing in ponds near our house. They were so cute and just wanted to take it home as a pet. Maybe we will next time. The weather in May is perfect and we've been exploring more and feels so good to be outside.

Luke also has gotten out of his 'shell' and making friends each time we venture to park.  Here is an experience I wrote down from earlier this past month:

This week I had an experience with Luke. It was a hot day and we ventured to our neighbor park with our dinky daiso squirtguns to spray things. There was some few older kids, maybe 5 and 7 year olds having a little water fight with massive squirt guns, including one impressive backpack one that wrapped around his back full of water. 

I watched my Luke smile and watch them for a second and I longed for him to have some friends to play with. Then I watched him with his little daiso squirt gun go up to the biggest kid there and squirt him. 

The older kid smiled and they all all continued the water fight but including Luke and gave him a larger squirt gun to play with, despite the age difference and race and language they all played together for the next half hour laughing and getting soaked. 

It made me proud of a Luke to have courage, to walk over and squirt the big kid and made me admire the older boy who choose not to ignore or overlook Luke and his pathetic squirtgun. But instead took and showed him the tactics of water fights and let him use his gun. 

I know if a three year old can find moments to show courage and stand up then we all can and how rewarding it can be. 

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