Thursday, July 1, 2021

Amsterdam Home!


Feeling pretty in love with our new home! Amsterdam has been great so far.  I have to keep pinching myself we live here!  It’s so good. I was on a run the other day and couldn’t run even a block without wanting to stop and take pictures. It’s so beautiful it brought me to tears just taking in the empty streets in the morning and canals and feeling very blessed. Also, let’s talk about the grocery stores. So many more options and more familiar foods. We have substituted our rice based diet and now lots of breads and pastas. They also have the worlds best peanut butter we have been going through a jar weekly and should probably pace ourself. We just found our future apartment too  (eek!).  We will move into it in September, so have a few more months of temporary housing which is nice. Basically the adjustment is way easier than Japan. I do miss the daily comments about my cute kids in Japan though :)

The temporary house we are at reminds us of a museum. The reason we picked this place though was because of the location. Actually let me rephrase that, the reason Riley picked our place was because of the location. I had my eyes on a place with a gym and spa but Riley wears the pants (hah) JK he just cared a lot more and was right the location you cannot beat and glad we got this spot! It really is so fun to be right on the canal and look out the window to these views. Picture overload from the last few weeks in our new home. 


This is our temporary house, the one hiding behind the tree a bit above.

Unposed. I was getting them in the bath and they decided to check out the new washing machine swirling around.

A little big portrait to be sleeping under... but great in lego form.
I spy Luke
say hello to our NEW BIKE! After a few weeks of research and some test riding we settled on this beauty. 

photos from test riding

The best chums. 

pulled up spooning peanut butter
also found some flammin hot chettos and learned Clay loves things spicy too
One big stress about moving here is schools. In the netherlands school starts and 4 and not ready for him to go to school! Doing lots of research and think we will send him to a public dutch school. 

photos from a primary activity!  

our picnic spot one day!

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