Monday, July 12, 2021

Bruges, Belgium

We took a trip to Belgium July 9-12 and stayed in Bruges. It was such a cute, quaint little town, we loved staying there. It felt like a mix of Amsterdam and Cambridge. Taking early morning walks and walks at dusk after the tourists had all died down, was the perfect way to start and end our days. Bruges has multiple tall towered old church buildings and steeples, that seemed to appear around every corner of exploring the city. Highly recommend Bruges and will definitely be going back at some point only 2.5 by car, 4 hours by train from Amsterdam. 

-Climbing Belfry Tower
-Walking tour learning the history 
- Old Hot Chocolate Factory
- "Cool doorknob game"
- Rolling down the hills and seeing the "last windmills"
- Belgium waffles on the daily (John's Waffle Truck was our favorite)
- Belgium Chocolate, best icecream @ De Vinci Icecream
-Market, churches, etc. 
(Next time: horse tour, or boat ride?)

Maybe a world-record of pictures on one post. There was just too many gems, I want to paint these landscapes one day. It really was such a beautiful place. 

I couldn't decide between these two, this kid and his contagious laugh

 zoomed in :)

One of the highlights for Luke was climbing all the stairs to the belfry tower and seeing the bells. 

this was called death by chocolate, wonder why.
During our time in Belgium we played a game trying to find the coolest doorknob, these were the favorites but have like 50 photos of knobs on my phone....  Luke and Clay got really into the game judging ever door and yelling "normal" or "cool" (Clay repeating everything Luke said)

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