Friday, July 2, 2021

Birthday Adventures: Volendam & Marken


If I had to describe my "perfect day" it would be very similar to this day in July. I turned 31 this year and it just so happened to be on a Saturday (yay). The morning started off with a run through Amsterdam (mornings are absolutely my favorite time to see city, so nice and quite) and then I came home to a surprise of mickey mouse pancakes and balloons. The boys were really into it and made me come out with my eyes closed and all. 

After the breakfast feast, we hit the road and went to Volendam and took a ferry to also see Marken as well. Volendam is just a 30 minute ride from Amsterdam and was so magical. It really was such a good day of exploring a new place, we learned more about dutch cheese and tried out the fish and chips and rented bikes on Marken to see the small island. The weather was nice and boys were good and capped off the night with Avocado Show and a presentation of 'Love Notes' from family and a stroopwaffle cake made by the boys. I got 'class pass' from my parents and that has been great to get out and have some "me time". It really was a perfect day, 31 is good. 

Luke almost everyday, since he could run will race back and forth racing in our house doing laps. Normally it is before bed. Today he raced back and forth on the beach and made us smile.

It was a bummer the lighthouse we biked to was under construction, but still magical.

There is a lot more pictures of Luke because he cooperates ha. 
This one he shoved his face to the lens almost. 

those minions though

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