Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Courmayeur, Italy


Spent a few days in Courmayeur, Italy! It is also at the base of Mount Blac, just the other side. We took a bus THROUGH the mountain to get to this alpine resort town from France.  We both were a bit burned out of carrying the littles up mountains hiking and decided to take turn trail running/hiking here solo. It was a game changer! We both got to experience some of the TMB trail and loved our time here. Riley got a water running vest and we stayed hydrated and got some good nature time in. 

As I look back at our time in Courmayeur, a funny story came to my mind about Clay and thought I would journal it. It was our first time and we were eating PASTA in ITALY (what a bucklist item to checkoff). Clay was eating it with both hands, fist full of pasta just sucking up all the noodles and loving it. He had his rain jacket and was just covered but was really into the food and eating and eating it. The couple next to us were admiring him eat and all laughing. Pasta in Italy is better, ask Clay. 

dream houses

Olaf Popsicle party

C for Clay.. and Courmayeur

new bucketlist

gelato comma 

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