Saturday, September 4, 2021

Germany Road Trip! DAY 1 (Cologne)


Sept. 4, 2021: The first day of our Germany Road Trip! We woke up way early and all took the train from Amsterdam to Cologne. The train ride was really fun, we got a big family compartment car together. For some reason the thing that sticks out is the train lady getting mad at us for not keeping our mask on inside our compartment and threatening to kick us off the train if she catches us again. It was a closed separated compartment!  But anyways we did.... once we got to Cologne we all shoved our suitcases into the last storage locker which was miraculous how much we fit in it at the train station and hit the city.  We walked across the lock bridge and climbed alllll the stairs of the Cologne Cathedral, went wedding dress shopping, we tried out bratwurst and pretzels. It was a really great fullll day, after exploring the city we got our rental car and rode to "Ulmen"  to our airbnb that was really great right next to some old castle ruins and lake. 

The obviously didn't have any modest dresses, but fun memory seeing Whitney dress shop and cracking up about he worker having Whitney strip down everything with her: :"take if all off!" inside dressing room with her. 

Waiting way tooo long in line for these waffle cone soft serves, but they were worth it. 

Photos below from Ulmen, next to airbnb

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