Sunday, December 5, 2021

Basel, Switzerland

12/5/2021: Our final night of the trip was in Basel Switzerland which turned out to be a really fun city to explore. Besides the fact that Roger Federer is from Basel, we hardly knew anything about the place going into it so were pleasantly surprised by the great Christmas markets and how pretty of a city it was. 

On our Sunday morning walk to church. Had a really pretty walk seeing more of the city on the way to church and was there for the ward's primary program, which was fun to see and so cool to see how global the church is and how welcomed we were into their small little ward. 

During this trip every morning for breakfast we hit up the local bakeries and got croissants which Clay became obsessed with and would wake up every morning and request that we get 'saants'. They were amazingly delicious, so everyone was quite happy to get Clay his 'saants'. 

The elusive meat on a stick. Finally got it our last day thanks to the strong recommendation from Bishop. 

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