Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Strasbourg, France

December 1-2, 2021: Strasbourg! The day before our flight Luke asked randomly 'what time we were flying?', and proceeded to tell me 'the best time for flights is in the middle of the night when we wake him up and get on an airplane.' Funny boy! We do have a tendency to book the cheaper AM flights waking the boys up really early when it is still dark and commuting (middle of the night for them haha). They both always wake up so happy knowing we are going on a plane and have been such good little travelers and thank goodness the flights are never too long. We had a really empty flight to Basel and then took a bus to Strasbourg, France.

Strasbourg was pretty cold and rainy and covered in CHRISTMAS! It was really magical and our first time experiencing the famous 'Christmas Markets of Europe'.  So many cute shops and tents and rides all decked out in lights and holly. Strasbourg has been named the "Capital of Christmas' and really such a neat place to visit to start out our holiday season. We spent a day and half there exploring and trying out new food and seeing the shops. There was a few merry-go-rounds that the boys begged to do so we did those a couple times here and was the highlight for them.  

our little road warriors

No mistletoe kisses from Luke

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