Saturday, December 11, 2021

Bike ride to Muiderslot


12/11/2021- There's some random Saturday activities that end up massively exceeding expectations and biking out to Muiderslot castle was definitely one of them. Riley had seen it on a map for a while but we had not gone out to it until this day. The bike was just about an hour and turned out to be such a fun ride. We were very lucky had a really nice sunny day which made the ride even better. The first part was through the city and then through Flevopark until the last half was on a bike path through the country and herds of sheep. The castle sat in a really pretty, quaint little town which made it even more magical. Luke was excited there was ice skating and Clay was happy there was hot chocolate. We then walked around in the castle which was really cool and interesting to see and not very crowded. We all had a great time except for when Luke saw the taxidermy bear rug on the floor and was horrified that they caught the bear and 'smushed' it. He luckily calmed down after a while and finished off the great outing with some pizza at out favorite 'Cafe Milo'. 

I spy us on bakfiets 

this picture really doesn't do it justice. The sky and water just merged together all in one and was so surreal. 

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