Friday, April 22, 2022

Chronicles of Clay

"Having a two year old is like having a blender with the top-off" (wish i could take credit for that). Very accurate though, Clay is busy and always messy and impossible to control and reason with at times. He is incredibly independent and demanding, always declaring "I DO IT!." But he is so easy to love and such a handsome kid all at the same time.  

It's been amazing to see how different the boys personalities are and interest. Clay could kick a ball back and forth all day long with you or play basketball with dad "keep shootin dad, keep shootin." He loves to eat and request a chocolate shakes most days, which of course he insist on making himself. He is speaking lots more sentences which has been so fun to communicate with and see his little personality and preferences.

 He still loves to collect things in his pocket, always bringing home millions of rocks and hoarding things under his pillow. He actually wore a hole through his coat pocket, luckily coat season is about over... we hope! 

 I just tucked him in for the night and under his pillow he has: three rocks, couple bouncy balls, two easter eggs, handful of hot wheel cars, and a bag full of small dinosaurs which he sleeps on top of. He hasn't gotten into tv shows or interest in watching things near as much as Luke, but occasionally will request to watch baseball or some sports game which is so funny to me... he takes after Riley a lot if you can't tell. 

His favorite color is "yellow" . . . but most things are the color yellow to him, and he can't be persuaded otherwise. so still not confident he even knows what yellow is! He loves Dad, big boats, balls and his best playmate Luke! We have a lot of time just the two of us while Luke is at school and love being Clay's mom.   

The mullet, I cut a few inches off without telling Riley... he was quite sad. 

but it reminded me of this hair too much. 

but before cutting it I straitened it, he obviously loved it. 

lots of icecream dates with Clay the past couple weeks with the sun out.

He is really fun to shop with.... 
Clay has been sick more than Luke ever has, he may have asthma or some allergy..  we will see but I worry about him at times, he will be good one week and the next wiped out. The dutch healthcare is very hands off which has been frustrating and very different than Japan. 

we've matched beanies all winter, decided I should document it
Luke homemade pirate eye patch
more sicky cuddles 
lots of laughter and good times with Clay

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