Saturday, April 16, 2022

Ireland Roadtrip! Day 1

Our Ireland roadtrip started and ended in Dublin. The day started with an 1.5 hours flight from Amsterdam into Dublin and then renting our car for the next few days to drive the country. The rental car pickup was a little rough and had some hick-ups with Eurocar making us purchase their 300euro insurance and then Luke decided to christen the car by getting carsick and throwing up in the first 30 minutes. After the rough start, it was only up from there, and man, it went really up :) 

Planning this trip was challenging! There was just SOO much I wanted to do and see but with limited time and not wanting to drive too long, we had to pick and choose. It was nice knowing we could leave some for another trip to come back with my dad. My dad served his mission in Ireland and Scotland and would love to do northern Ireland and see his areas one day.

Our first leg after airport, was a shorter drive to Kilkenny (1.5 hours). We stopped there and checked into our B&B then spent the rest of the day exploring this cute town and trying out the recommended pubs.  We loved our hosts and the Irish Breakfast and hearing their accents.  Lief just felt like our big, friendly Irish grandpa. He was really nice and gave us all the pointers to see in town. We liked Kilkenny, it felt like we went back a few eras to a time that was slower and simple. The food was good, Riley caught a choir practice in a chapel that was memorable and we loved walking around the waterfront and seeing a wedding party, kilts included.  

croissants and clay, his travel go-to

Our B&B for the night 

Riley strolled around this church with 'Parting Glass' in his head, thinking of his boys, his brothers and dad and all the good times they've had. Was definitely an appreciated quiet moment of reflection that hit home. 

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