Monday, April 18, 2022

Ireland- Cliffs of Moher

April 18th: Easter Sunday! We spend the morning driving and going to a little LDS branch in Tralee. It was probably the smallest branch I’ve ever attended, just a couple families and 3 sister missionaries, one the them happening to be a college friend’s little sister. The Sisters spoke that Sunday in church so that was fun to see that. 

My dad served his mission in Ireland and Scotland Mission (he was only on Scotland and Northern Ireland) but was fun to thinking about him and what his mission must of been like in the country. I would really love go to his areas and Scotland and see them. 

The highlight after church was spending the evening at the cliffs of Moher. It is definitely a high tourist spot with lots of movies filed here, but was breathtaking nevertheless. Luke found a couple snails and played with them and insisted on taking them with us on the road.  Riley went out the next morning and ran along the trailhead to cliffs while I showed the locals at our campsite about microwaveable popcorn and helped make a little home for the snail to travel back with us on road. 

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