Monday, November 21, 2022

The Forrest

Amsterdamse Bos, what we lovingly call 'the Forrest' has quickly risen through the ranks as one of our favourite places to go. We love how close it is to us and how big and pretty it all is. Between early morning runs and looking for bugs or making forts with the boys, it really has a special place in our hearts. It's our Narnia and Secret Garden. Visits to the forrest have especially increased during paternity leave and getting as much outside nature time as we can before winter comes. 

Riding in the forrest with full gear for a full day of fun. 

The ultimate playground. Looking for bugs, building stick forts, collecting rocks, digging holes through downed tree stumps, making boats to float the water and building ramps for the cars, to name just a few of the forrest activities. 

Nothing better than a hot ramen lunch on the jet boil in the forrest on a nice crisp fall afternoon. 

Morning run scenery. 

The beauty about the forrest is that its so big, we keep finding new spots to go back to. Found this gem just in time before the weather really changes. 

We found the cutest frog, the boys were brave and held it 

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