Thursday, November 24, 2022

Cologne, Germany (Christmas Market Trip)

November 24th, 2022: We celebrated Thanksgiving a week early, so this year thanksgiving had nothing to do with turkeys and football and everything to do with all things Christmas! Cologne was stop number one on our ‘Christmas market trip.’ We took the train to Cologne, only a few hours away from Amsterdam and got off in Germany surrounded by Christmas markets and lights. It was so fun to return to this city, we first visited with my parents last year but this time to see it covered in Christmas. Cologne had 6 huge themed markets through the city center… with so many neat unique Christmas gift stands, food stands, and ice skating rinks and rides. It really is a wonderland and so fun to walk around and see the festive things and foods Germany serves and makes to celebrate Christmas. This was year number two for Christmas in Europe, and one of our biggest regrets from last year’s Christmas market trip was not trying the food stands enough. So this year, we tried everything! Which ended up with food poisoning at the end. . . but zero regrets. 

One of the highlights of Cologne was iceskating with Luke!

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