Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Chadderdons + Grandma Time!

March 1-4, 2024: We arrived back to Amsterdam the same day my Grandma, Curtis, Courtney, and Drake arrived. They have been traveling the past 6 weeks around Europe and closed the trip with some time at our house in Amsterdam. It was fun to see them when the trip started and fun to hear all the adventures at the end. I especially loved I got a few more days with my Grandma, she is the best!! I wish I took more pictures of these days and makes me sad I don't have one with the whole crew but we had a good time. They explored the city during the day,  and we would all play card games and chat and eat in the evening.

 One of the highlights was doing an art class with my grandma one evening. It ended up just being me and her in the class and was so fun, she is a much better artist than me and watercolor is the hardest medium. It was fun though,  I took her in my bakfiets bike which still makes me laugh and smile thinking about the memory of riding through Amsterdam with my grandma on the bike chatting about life. It was the best having her around, she is so sweet and thoughtful and she even babysat all the kids so me and Riley could go out to eat. I wish she could stay for weeks and explore Europe more with her. It was such a precious time and was the perfect thing to see all of them to get over jet lag fast. 

Also, something really cool she game me her spiral Book of Mormon she made! It was a labor of love. It has became one of my most beloved things just thinking of the process and time she put into it. She cut each page out and sanded them to make smooth and put spiral on it herself with journaling pages intermixed. It really is so cool and she wrote a note inside to me. I just love it and her and these days together. 

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