Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Thats a wrap! Bye California!

Feb 28, 2024: The final day of the trip before we flew out. We filled up the last day with lots of good cousin time. We played at Kenzie's house most the day and went to the beach. We went to Target together after the kids were in bed, which is what I really wanted and just walked the isles and get the see how much america goods I could carry on board. It was a great day and the kids ask all the time, even a month later when they can go back. Id love to repeat this whole trip with Riley next year. Happy days. 

latenight selfies

I also took some family pics of Hartley crew which turned out super nice I thought. Here are just a few of my people are so so grateful they hosted me and the kids for a week and some.  

They are the best :) 

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