Thursday, March 7, 2024

Moraga, California February 2024

During the school holiday break me and the kids flew to California! Our first stop was Moraga ,California to visit Mimi and Papi Stevenson. It was so fun, basically Julene has a toy shop. She has saved all the toys from her kids and they have a garage full of fantastic toys and just pulls them out one after another for the kids play for hours and hours. 

The backyard is equally cool for the boys, with a fun sports court. We had a really great time playing and visiting together. David took the boys to Riley’s high school and they got to walk around and see some volleyball and meet Riley’s old coach and they also had a couple session of running around and playing with balls at the church with David. The weather was the only downfall of our time together, but the kids just loved playing indoors so didn’t matter too much. 

Quin and Rachel were also there so it was really awesome to catch up with them and they are so good with the kids and so fun to chat with. 

One of the highlights was the unbirthday birthday party. Julene wrapped some presents and had a treat and games for kids. It was very cute and thoughtful, because we live so far away and never together for birthdays she made a celebration for them all. It was something Riley’s grandmother did too, the cutest little tradition. 

We made a countdown for California and took them off day by day, it was really nice to get us through the cold days here in Amsterdam to look forward to seeing family and trip. 

It was a lot traveling with all three of them by myself, but it was 100% worth it. 

Everyone laughed at the way Lucy inhaled food without hardly chewing.  

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